What are the main sects of Vietnamese martial arts

                                  in foreign  countries ?


Masters have introduced Vietnamese martial arts to many countries. Twenty-two schools in France and other  European countries have about 13.000 students. The schools  active in France include:

The Cửu Long school:

Master Trần Hoi Ngọc founded this school in 1954 in Vietnam. Later he moved to France, where he developed a school in Loire-Atlantiques and Ce dAzur. Its techniques include sets  of  katas, exercises with weapons and qigong, breathing exercises for disease treatment.

Tel :   04938834475

The Nam Hồ Quyền School:

 Headed by Master Philippes Đặng văn Sung, this school is a branch of  the Bnh Định Martial Arts School. It  practices skills typical of Vietnamese martial arts: pulling, throwing, sweeping off, breathing, swords, spears, and scimitars.

Tel :0491427724, Marseille.


The Trung Ha School:

Master Nguyễn Trung Ha is one of  the  founders of  the Vietnam Martial Arts Federation in France. After his death, his disciple, Master Jean Quy established the Trung Ha School. In addition to the techniques of self-defence and fighting, the school also tries to equip  its students with the skills to reach self-perfection and self realization

Tel: 01691 48899,Paris

The Thanh Long School of Martial Arts:

 Founded by Francis  Fournier, its training exercises consist of  external and internal methods, the use of traditional wapons, and methods of reflective self-defence .

Tel: 0561630391, Toulouse

The Sơn Lm Hắc Hổ School of Martial Arts:.

Founded by late Master Vũ Ngọc Vinh, this is a school of Vietnamese  traditional martial arts  now headed by Frederic Vũ, Mr Vinhs son.



The  Cy Lau School of Martial Arts:

Late Master Nguyễn Trung Ha opened  this school of martial arts in France in 1948. After his death in 1975, his nephew, Master Bernard V Đnh Quang developed the school in Paris, Strasbourg, and Montpellier 

Tel: 014 230 22395, Paris


The Lam Sơn  School.

The successive masters  of the school have paid great attention to developing the two basic  merits of bravery and sacrifice in their students. The schools great Master is Mr. Jacques Trần văn Ba

Dt   0467596328, Montpellier


The Song Long Khin School of Martial Arts

Set up by Master Francois Brassecasse, this school has two major fields of training. The external training field develops techniques of combat using traditional wapons and physical enhancement. The internal field focuses on breathing methods and  meditation 

Tel: 0386572 534, Nevers


Traditional Martial Arts:

Grand Master Nguyễn Đức Mộc introduced this school to France in 1950 and has developed it  ever since. Its training exercises include fighting with and  without traditional weapons. The first two disciples of Grand Master Mộc  are Philippe Bertec and Thiery Dijoux. They are now in charge  of developing the school in France and other European countries.

  Tel:   014736 2345, Paris.


The Ty Sơn School:

 In the past, this was a school of combat, in which swords were  the most useful weapons. Influenced by war, its philosophy  was quite simple:  the more enemies one kills, the better.  However, now  Grand Mater  Phan Toan Chu has changed the guidelines to teach his students both the philosophy of martial arts and techniques of combat.

Tel 014636707, Paris


The Nam Hải School.

 Master  Nghim An Thạch used  to practise martial arts of several schools in Vietnam- including Lam Sơn, Bạch Hạc, Thiếu Lm ( Shaolin) and Hồng Gia- before he moved to France in 1983. There, he founded the Nam Hải School. While training his students, Master Thạch emphasizes the human spirit  of and respect for  Vietnamese traditional martial arts

Tel 0493994523, Cannes


The Kỳ Ln Ch Minh School:

Built upon the  foundation of Vietnamese  and French cultures, the Kỳ ln Ch Minh School tries not only to develop martial arts skills, but also to include such virtues as honesty, bravery, modesty and harmony. Master Trần B Đức,  a disciple of Master Nguyễn Trung Ha heads the  school.

Tel: 01346-48174 Paris



 The Long Hải School:

Founded by Master Trần Gic, this school has training exercises based on the techniques of  ying gong, qing gong and Vietnamese s  traditional martial arts 

Tel 0546675582 La Rochelle


The  Ha Long School:

Founded by Grand Master Vĩnh Long, Chairman of the Viet Nam Martial Arts Association, the Ha Long School follows the  quintessential nature of the  martial arts of  the late Master Nguyễn Trung Ha and combines the hard and soft styles.

Tel: 0106115243 Paris


 The Việt School:

 Traditional philosophies of Vietnamese martial arts and influence this  schools training methods and exercises which demonstrate the harmony between tradition and modernity, between spirit and body, and between art and sports. Each level of mastery is equivalent to a certain grade of martial arts, which involves an undetstanding of the spirit, body, philosophy and combat techniques. Its  Grand master is  Mr Nguyen Cng Tốt

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